Complete Bundle


Show your love of handstands with a standalone copy of our 4 current issues with the rest of our Handstand Press Merch!

Issue 01 - Common Ground

The Handstand Press Magazine Issue 01, entitled Common Ground, offers a deeper look into the vastness of the handbalance community.

Issue 02 - Stand Together

The Handstand Press Magazine Issue 02, entitled Stand Together, revolves around the social aspects of handbalance, offering insights into different local communities around the globe, and the way they emerge, form and are organized.

Issue 03 - Inside Balance

The Handstand Press Magazine Issue 03, entitled Inside Balance, revolves around the mindset and the inner worlds surrounding the handbalance practice.

Issue 04 - Prop Stories

This standalone copy of the Handstand Press Magazine Issue 04, entitled Prop Stories, Issue 04, entitled Prop Stories, we explore the intersection between handbalance and objects.

The Handstand Journey by Garage Gym Girl

This short and fun 20 page book explores the path that you might take as you learn to balance upside down. By Garage Gym Girl.

Postcard Pack

A set of 10 Handstand Press themed postcards.

Notebook: Express, Explore, Create

Log your workouts and plan your training program with our thread-bound notebook.