NO OF PAGES: 112 (+4)  SIZE: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

Issue 06, entitled Growing Pains, we chose the working title of “Strategies”.⁠ We did this as we envisioned a collection of stories, lessons, and methods coming from practitioners, coaches, and professionals in relation to the frictions, challenges, and pains that emerge through the practice of handstands.⁠

As we advanced through the creation process of the issue, a pivotal challenge was presented to us at the Handstand Press Magazine. A challenge that risked the future of the magazine. A challenge that is forcing us to evolve and adapt. This internal process has merged with the core of the new Issue, adding an extra dimension to the name.


Stefanie Millinger tells us that she never had a single rest day in twelve years, how she structures her training as one of the most extreme handbalancers worldwide, and how it feels to balance on a cliff facing a several hundred meters precipice.


Meret Meier goes on a trip to the French countryside to be part of La Convention d’Équilibre, an annual handstand convention organized by three different French circus companies, where she discovers new strategies for training and, more importantly, a very supportive environment.


Paul Berry shares his story about how handstands helped him to overcome his alcohol addiction and why handstands were the perfect element to change his life. Moreover, he wonders if addictive behavior is a thing in the performing arts, knowing that obsession can go alongside as a natural feature within a practice such as handstands.


Galaad Vivet invites us to dive into an exhibition he presented this year in Brittany, France: a live performance-installation of handbalancers that do handstands for several hours, visible from all kinds of possible perspectives and for a public that can enter and leave the exhibition hall whenever they want.

This is just a small glimpse at some of the 112 (+4) pages of experiences and artists within this issue of the Handstand Press. Get your hands on it now!

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