We have worked hard in the past few months with several collaborators from the handstand world to generate the content for our first issue which is now available in print!

No of Pages: 112 (+4)  Size: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

This first issue, entitled Common Ground, offers a deeper look into the vastness of the handbalance community. Handstands are an element in various different sports and disciplines that provide an entry point for many athletes, teachers and movers who then get hooked and discover the vast range of possibilities within handbalance. Handbalance often then becomes their main discipline by itself, which brings us back to why we started this magazine in the first place.

The main feature in issue 01 showcases athletes from different backgrounds, such as:

Find out the difference between different handstand techniques and approaches and get to know the stories of these athletes, teachers and movers. Learn about all the different ways handbalancing can be approached and what is common to them all.

Aside from the main feature, we’ll offer a variety of segments, each showcasing special insights and stories relevant to the discipline of handbalancing. Here are some of the highlights:

An in depth interview with Yuval Ayalon about how he went from being a gymnast to performing at Cirque du Soleil to being a well-known handbalance teacher traveling the world.

Survey: How do you train? – We conducted a survey with 144 participants and asked questions surrounding their handbalance training. Learn about all the results in issue 01!

A conversation with Amy Goh, Singapore-risen artist and weaver of worlds specializing in black and white illustrations in a surrealistic and sublime vein.

Michael Mannino, neuroscientist and flow-researcher, introduces his three-part series on his neuroscientific perspective on handbalance. Part one: A dynamical mind-body perspective.

This is just a small glimpse at some of the 112 (+4) pages that wait to inject your handbalance journey with deep knowledge and inspiration. Get your hands on it now!

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