NO OF PAGES: 112 (+4)  SIZE: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

Issue 03, entitled Inside Balance, revolves around the mindset and the inner worlds surrounding the handbalance practice. While the body may be bound to the rules of physics, the mind can go anywhere. And so it often becomes a game of internal growth and expansion, of navigating between our habitual ways of thinking and our efforts to maintain a bird’s-eye-view.

The creation process of Issue 03 has been particularly special, as we got to touch base with many people in the handbalance world on a deeper level. Prepare to uncover what is under the surface of a seemingly effortless, calm, and steady handstand.

The Magic Circle

What happens when a handbalance practice becomes like a prison? In this fascinating essay, accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Kelly Maryanski, Colm O’Shea highlights the significance of a playful mindset in handbalance.

A Will To Overcome: Handstands & Trauma

An intimate conversation with Lyna De Leener, her trauma mentor Martine Huurman and her handstand coach Thomas Kumps in which they share how they are working together to help Lyna overcome her fear and trauma surrounding handstands.

A Pinch Of Adrenaline

Matthias Appenzeller, world class cliff diver from Switzerland, takes us into his world and tells us all about how the handstand is used in the Olympic sport of diving. Read the article in our section Common Ground!

When I Crack I Expand

A showcase of Swedish artist, Tove Kjellmark, and her sculpture “When I Crack I Expand”. In this interview she tells us about her creation process and how it related to major events in her life and in the world at the time.

This is just a small glimpse at some of the 112 (+4) pages of the inner landscapes of a handbalance practice within this issue of the Handstand Press. Get your hands on it now!

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