NO OF PAGES: 112 (+4)  SIZE: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

Issue 05, entitled Caring Hands, we ask: what else do our hands do? For many, a great deal of time is spent caring for others. In this issue we give space to some of these stories, and learn how caring for those close to one can affect one’s handbalance practice and profession.

As you will see, the following pages are extraordinarily intimate and personal, so much so that we want to say a special thank you to the authors who have shared their experiences on the topic of their Caring Hands throughout this issue’s 116 pages.

The Nolanders

The Nolander family come together to tell us about how they built a Circus troupe as a family. What happens when you suddenly professionalise your family relationships, making them a matter on stage?

On My Hands, Navigating Motherhood, Pain, and Grief

Sara Pamfeld takes us through her past in nine scenes, showing the importance of her handbalance practice throughout caring for her mothers mother, losing her own mother and becoming a mother herself.

Raising a child in the performing arts universe

Megan Giesbrecht shares her experience of touring with her daughter and combining motherhood with the performing arts, illuminating important questions about values in childcare and the art of dealing with expectations both external and internal.

A logicians Guide to Handbalancing

Guillermo Justel takes a deepdive into challenging the linear approach to handstand training, exploring uncharted territories when it comes to having fun upside down, such as challenging our senses and engaging in partner exercises to increase cognitive load and variety.

This is just a small glimpse at some of the 112 (+4) pages of apparati and artists within this issue of the Handstand Press. Get your hands on it now!

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