NO OF PAGES: 112 (+4)  SIZE: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

Issue 04, entitled Prop Stories, we explore the intersection between handbalance and objects. Since the beginning of handstands, they have been practised and performed on objects ranging from static blocks, canes, chairs, parallel bars, and boxes to moving objects — a trapeze, a rolla-bolla, or even living beings, like horses and people.

The theme “apparatus” returned us to a sense of playfulness. We see playfulness not only in how the handbalancer moves with their tools, but also, more often than not, in the creation of the apparatus itself.

Pouring Herself Into Creations

A symphony of resin and wood, and the story of a young vibrant artist and her pursuit of combining art and function. In this interview Nicole Comito from Personal Pours invites us to discover the tales behind the treasures she creates.

Our Other Body

Dive deep into the process of an artist’s mind. Emily Aiobheann shares her story of a hypothetical artwork: a fantasy apparatus belonging to a show that does not yet exist. It is also the story of an idea: a dramaturgical theory connecting aerial, circus, parkour, and handstands to rocks, industrial modernity, and cosmic desire; a new, experimental framework for conceptual performance work.

Prop Stories

A section featuring performing artists and their unique props. Get inspired!

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