NO OF PAGES: 112 (+4)  SIZE: A4  ISSN: 2737-7539

The second issue, entitled Stand Together, revolves around the social aspects of handbalance, offering insights into different local communities around the globe, and the way they emerge, form and are organized.

By showcasing perspectives of different communities the publication aims to provide encouragement to those who wish they had access to a local community, to reach out and start their own. And to those courageous people who took the first step to connect and stand together, this issue is a tribute. While handbalancing is a very individual practice, for many it is so much more enjoyable when shared with others!

Why do Handstands & Coffee go so well together? This in-depth conversation with Andy Myers from The Movement Studio in Ireland uncovers the story behind how Handstand & Coffee became a thing in the article A Shift To Specialty As The Standard.

A poetic escape into a dream of zero gravity by Colm O’Shea, beutifully illustrated by Kerry Draws. Colm’s words will make you indulge in a phantasy of balance that will inevitably spark delight for your practice!

Dive deep into the history of circus. In this article Krysta Zagorski aka @sideshowballyhoo takes us on a journey through the evolution of handbalance as a performing art within the circusfield, with stories about old circus families and their legends.

Miriam Mindt takes us into the complex mind of a handbalancer whose ego is tickled by the conquest of a skill that is so intricate, but at times appears to be elusive. Handstands and the Ego paints a perfectly relatable picture of the inner battles within years of a handbalancer’s practice.

This is just a small glimpse at some of the 112 (+4) pages of the social side of handbalancing within this issue of the Handstand Press. Get your hands on it now!

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