Payment and Commissioning Policy for Contributing Artists to the Handstand Press Magazine

Payment and Commissioning Policy for Contributing Artists to the Handstand Press Magazine

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Irish Arts Council funding for the period of 2024, which will allow us to elevate our pricing policy. We respect the importance of fair pay and transparent commissioning and strive to adhere to the Arts Council’s “Paying the Artist” document.

From 2024, contributing artists can expect to be remunerated based on the following guidelines:

  • Our available budget for each issue is allocated across 48 pages plus 4 cover pages. 
  • Artists’ fees will be based on the number of spreads in the magazine their contribution will be showcased on, split fairly between written and visual contributions to the article. Contributions can be printed from a single page to six spreads (12 pages). Payment for contributions ranges between €50 and €300, depending on the nature, quantity, and number of artists involved in the article.
  • Contributors’ fees are exclusive of VAT, and we budget that some artists may have to charge additional VAT. For European artists, we ask that you make use of the EU VAT reverse charge clause. For non-European artists, VAT will not apply.
  • Every contributor will receive a printed copy of the issue their work appears in.

How we allocate the available budget within each issue of the magazine:

  • Articles are remunerated based on whether they are an original piece of writing by the artist or whether Handstand Press Magazine has interviewed the artist.
  • Photography and illustration are remunerated depending on whether they are an original commission from Handstand Press Magazine or a reproduction of existing work.
  • Artists supplying the cover art will be paid additionally for this, regardless of whether they have also contributed to the content of the magazine.
  • We will always be transparent and upfront about the scope of work we require from the artist, our editorial process, and payment for your contribution to Handstand Press Magazine, and strive for a fair split of budget per spread between visual and written contributions. We welcome each individual artist to negotiate pricing as they see fit.

Invoices are paid within fourteen days of receipt.

You will always retain the copyrights to your contributed material:

  • For previously finished work, all artists and writers retain the rights to their work.
  • For commissions by Handstand Press, we reserve the right of first publication. Afterward, the copyright remains with the artist or author
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